1/2 Marathon push!

NFD helps to support Drew Myers as he winds his way on a 1/2 marathon

Drew, a student at Northwestern, had been training for his first Chicago 1/2 marathon that was supposed to be run on Sunday May 17th but was cancelled due to COVID-19. Drew continued to train and with his family, created a new 1/2 marathon route in his home town of Darien, CT. The route took him past Noroton Fire Department just past the 10 mile mark, a grueling part of any 1/2 marathon, but especially challenging when you’re running a race all by yourself without the cheers of support from the crowd. After being contact by Drew’s mother, NFD was able to give some traditional fire department encouragement as he ran past. We’re happy to report that Drew beat the time he set for himself. Way to go Drew!